What's not going to happen in 2012?

LTE, Wimax, TD-LTE, and VoLTE
· LTE will NOT be the leading air interface protocol for mobile consumer devices in 2012
· VoLTE will NOT take off.
· TD-LTE will NOT take hold in the Chinese and Indian markets in 2012
Smartphones, mobile devices, and tablets
· Things are heating up between handset manufacturers in India. NOT all low-cost handset manufacturers will survive the Indian mobile market melee
· There will NOT be “smashproof” smartphones in 2012
· Despite low-cost Android smartphones and the resurgence of Windows, Apple will still hold the upper hand in carrier deals
· RIM will NOT get out of the tablet business in 2012
· Media tablets will NOT be a mass-market solution for 2012 despite a banner year in 2011
Mobile services, apps, and carriers
· The world will NOT rely on mobile phones for internet access in 2012 (or ever)
· HTML5 will NOT win the day in mobile apps
Location, advertising, and indoor location
· Location-based advertising will continue to play second fiddle to rich media in 2012
· Indoor location will NOT become commonplace in 2012
· Wii U will NOT replicate the magic of the original Wii and Microsoft will NOT release the next Xbox (there won’t be a Sony PS4, either)
· 2012 will NOT be the year that 3D takes over the world
· In 2012, VoD services will continue to dominate OTT services, NOT OTT streaming or the virtual cable operator concept
· The Indian fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) market will NOT be significant in 2012
M2M, home automation systems, smart cities, and wireless sensor networks
· With the housing market still unsteady, the newbuild home automation market will NOT resume leadership over the retrofit market in 2012
· Google’s new WSN protocol for home automation will NOT gain traction in 2012
· Despite the excitement over the prospect of these smart city projects, ABI Research believes that smart city operating systems will NOT revolutionize cities in 2012
· Smart grids standardization work will NOT be completed in 2012
Bluetooth low energy, Wi-Fi, and combo chipsets
· BLE and low-power Wi-Fi will NOT see widespread adoption in smart meters in 2012
· Bluetooth Smart will NOT displace proprietary offerings in the fitness device connectivity market in 2012
· Combo ICs will NOT be taking over the wireless connectivity world in 2012
· Carrier Wi-Fi momentum will NOT stop due to increasing LTE adoption
The connected car, hybrids, and electric vehicles
· The connected car will happen in 2012, but NOT the way we expect and it will NOT be the year for dramatic changes in the automotive market
· Don’t expect any major moves in the electric and hybrid market in 2012
NFC and payments
· Google and Isis will NOT cooperate and share open platforms to accelerate NFC payments in 2012
· The US will NOT begin a nationwide migration to the EMV standard in 2012
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