What won't happen in 2011?

Prediction ain’t easy. But that doesn’t stop many wouldbe pundits from trying to read the 2011 tea leaves, with sometimes hilarious results. The antidote? ABI Research’s annual take on what’s not going to happen next year
  • 2011 won’t be the year of mobile marketing and advertising
  • 2011 will NOT be the year cloud gaming dampens console sales
  • PC vendors won't challenge Apple's early leadership in media tablets
  • Android will NOT begin to eclipse Apple in 2011.
  • BlackBerry will NOT be eclipsed by enterprise iPhones
  • Demand for devices with embedded mobile broadband modems will NOT overtake demand for external modems
  • The carrier community will NOT handle the traffic explosion!
  • LTE consumer femtocells are unlikely to be deployed in 2011
  • The ITU still won’t have the right to define 4G in 2011
  • TD-LTE will NOT kill off Wimax in 2011
  • Huawei will NOT become the #1 wireless infrastructure vendor in 2011
  • Chinese authorities will NOT be issuing 4G licenses in 2011
  • Carrier Ethernet for backhaul will not see a substantial boom in 2011, and legacy backhaul won’t completely disappear
  • Home networking is NOT going to move to a single standard in 2011
  • Smart meter rollouts will not lead to adoption of smart Wireless sensor network (WSN) devices connecting to the meters within the home
  • M2M markets will NOT achieve significant standardization in 2011
  • Electric cars will remain a novelty in 2011
  • Google TV is NOT dead on arrival, and yes, it will live past 2011
  • US consumers won’t be giving up their wallets in favor of NFC-capable smartphones in 2011
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