Wi-Fi chipset shipments reach 200m in 2006"”report

(Wireless News via NewsEdge) The Wi-Fi semiconductor market shipped just under 200 million Wi-Fi chipsets in 2006, a report from ABI Research said.

The research indicates that around the middle of 2008, the industry will have passed the 1 billion mark for cumulative chipset shipments.

'Cumulative shipments of one billion Wi-Fi ICs mark a significant milestone,' said principal analyst Philip Solis. 'But even more impressive, there will be well over a billion chipsets shipped in 2012 alone, with cellular handsets and consumer electronics accounting for over two-thirds of that total.'

The Wi-Fi IC database provides historical and forecast market data on a quarterly basis. Data and market share figures for the previous eight quarters are included, as is yearly data through 2012.

'From our point of view, cellular handsets and consumer electronics were always the most important end products for Wi-Fi chipset vendors to focus on,' Solis said. 'With more than two-thirds of Wi-Fi chipsets going into these two product categories in 2012, it is critical for chipset vendors to secure the appropriate customer wins in order to sustain or grow their market share.'

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