Wi-Fi hinders mobile broadband analysis

Operators’ attempts to optimize mobile broadband networks are being hampered by smartphone users, RAN analytics firm Actix claims.
A study by the firm found that 55% of European mobile users prefer to access the web via Wi-Fi than cellular networks while on the move. That presents operators with problems when trying to analyze mobile data usage, says Neil Coleman, director of global marketing at Actix.
“Unfortunately, use of Wi-Fi by subscribers gives operators less clarity around network and capacity issues, making it difficult to deliver a consistent customer experience.”
Carriers can fight back by using location information to identify where subscribers are accessing Wi-Fi networks, then beefing up their LTE coverage in those areas, Coleman says. “Operators need to better curate their customer experience, to be aware of where and why Wi-Fi offload occurs, and they need to establish methods for ensuring it no longer happens by chance.”
Actix’ study was conducted by On Device, which surveyed 1,000 users in the UK, France, Germany, and Brazil.