Wi-Fi speeds boosted to 10Gbps

Boosting the speed of Wi-Fi beyond its current peak around 100Mbps, while remaining standards compliant, is a key focus of many start-ups and research organizations, as Wi-Fi becomes the heart of the digital home and enterprise.
One of the most impressive breakthroughs comes from the Singapore government’s A*Star Institute of Microelectronics, which claims peak speeds of 10Gbps
A*Star researchers say they have developed a system working in 60GHz “millimeter wave” spectrum - increasingly the spectrum used for experimental high speed WLANs - which would allow three Blu-ray movies of 25Gb each to be downloaded in one minute.
The team said in a statement that the technology “will open up a myriad of consumer applications for home entertainment, mobile electronics and can potentially eradicate messy cables for communicating information between multiple devices.”
Executive director and professor Dim-Lee Kwong commented: “After two years of intensive research and development, we have developed critical building blocks for receivers and transmitters based on our established millimeter wave and terahertz platform that will enable millimeter wave chips to be produced cost-effectively.
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