Wimax VoIP solutions for 4G networks

Wimax technology, as the first generation of 4G broadband wireless technology with built-in QoS support, provides cost-effective network solutions for Wimax operators to offer ubiquitous VoIP services.

By providing a Wimax VoIP network, the Wimax service provider can:

  • Leverage the broadband capacity and built-in airlink QoS capability of WiMAX technology to deploy low-cost and high-quality converged voice and data services;
  • Reduce both capex and opex while deploying a converged wireless and wireline IP network infrastructure for their 4G services;
  • Extend their market share beyond the fixed or wireless subscribers to the fixed mobile
  • convergence (FMC);
  • Compete with the incumbent the wireless cellular service providers;
  • Outperform off-the-shelf best effort VoIP solutions; and
  • Increase operator revenue by offering an additional service.

This white paper has highlighted the key network elements and components as well as WiMAX Forum standardized VoIP network solutions enabling the successful Wimax VoIP ecosystem. It has also discussed the key technology challenges and design considerations and how Wimax technology today can address these concerns.

This white paper originally published on the WiMAX Forum

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