THE WRAP: Alca-Lu fires top execs

Alcatel Lucent's  chairman Serge Tchuruk and CEO Patricia Russo are both to stand down in face of yet another huge loss making quarter and shareholder pressure. The two masterminded the merger of the French and American companies in December 2006. It is yet to make a profit.

There's no end in sight to Siemens' troubles either - it said it is to prosecute 11 more former executives. And, as Business Week point outs, Gores' proposed buy-out is not a sure-fire recipe for success either.

Meanwhile, even though BT exceeded analysts' expectations, its shares still fell 10% due to concerns about the outlook for the rest of the year.

If Alca-Lu is a miss, then cheap mini notebook PCs are most definitely a hit: analyst MIC says that the market is expected to grow at 128% over the next year so reach 18.3 million shipments in 2009. Hardware makers including HP and Dell are flocking to join the fray, which is dominated by Taiwanese manufacturers.

In another Asian success story, DoCoMo illustrated that despite tough economic conditions and fierce competition from the likes of Softbank, its profits rose by a staggering 41.3% in the last quarter.

While China's biggest fixed line phone company, China Telecom, announced it will spend €7.4 billion in the next few years on the network for its new mobile phone venture.

Bell Canada is shrinking, not expanding, slashing 2,500 jobs, 6% of its workforce, ahead of its €22 billion take-over by a private equity group.

There's been plenty of activity in mobile open source world too. Google is considering introducing a user rating system to measure the success of Android applications amid calls for Android and Symbian to merge - or at least cooperate to form a single open source mobile platform.

On a less positive note, Google was accused of fixing the results of its search to boost the ranking of its wanna-be Wikipedia, knol.

YouTube is being accused too: Italy's Mediaset (founded by Prime Minister Berlusconi) is suing the video sharing site for €500 million for breaching copyright. Many media companies are delighted to have their products publicised on the site.