THE WRAP: Doing the Nokia shuffle, HTC hits back

This week Nokia executives swapped offices again, while HTC fired back at Apple in the courts.
With its smartphone market share in freefall, Nokia’s mobile phones chief Rick Simonson quit and the firm reshuffled management for the fourth time in three years.
HTC responded to Apple’s patent suit with one of its own, claiming that the iPhone and iPad used five of its patents without authorisation.
Verizon Wireless admitted working with Google on a tablet PC.
Apple hit back at claims Android outsold the iPhone.
Alcatel-Lucent faces a bill as high as NZ$100 million (€56.4 million) over the Telecom New Zealand’s 3G network failures.
Cisco chief John Chambers declared the recession over after the vendor hiked profit 63%, but its stock fell after sales missed analysts’ expectations.
SAP collared Sybase for €4.57 billion aiming to take its software to the mobile user.
Sony Ericsson handset sales fell 37% in the year to end-March, but joint venture partner Sony halved its full-year loss to €344.1 million.
Bharti Airtel described as “shocking, arbitrary and retrograde” a proposal by TRAI to charge cellcos for 2G spectrum already allocated for free.
Orange, SFR, and Free Mobile applied to take part in a new 3G spectrum auction in France, however only two blocks are on offer.
BT will invest a further €1.1 billion in its UK fiber network by 2015, taking its total investment to €2.9 billion.
Sprint said it would launch its first Wimax phone - the HTC EVO 4G - on June 4.
Microsoft released a free online version of Office that allows people to store documents on the web.
After yet another privacy flap, Facebook strengthened login security
And President Obama warned that in the digital media age information was becoming “a form of entertainment, rather than a tool of empowerment.”