THE WRAP: Incumbents best placed to roll out FTTH

So much for two decades of telecoms regulation in the EU - research from the European Competitive Telecommunications Association found that only incumbents are well placed to roll out FTTH.


Pioneering MVNO Blyk - which offers 16 to 24 year old subscribers in the UK some free calls and SMS each month in return for them agreeing to receive adverts - says it will launch in Germany, Spain and Belgium next year.


Microsoft was ordered to pay €328 million to Alcatel-Lucent for patent infringements, but Yahoo's shares rebounded as rumours of new negotiations with Microsoft began - again.


RIM's share price fell, despite a doubling of revenue and a huge increase in Q1 profits this year, as it failed to meet analysts' expectations.


In the face of rising competition from RIM, the iPhone and Linux, Nokia too took a step towards making smart phones a mass market phenomenon, by assuming complete control of the Symbian OS, which is now to be royalty-free to all comers.


Google is finding out the hard way that this mobile stuff is harder than it looks: its proposed open software platform, Android, will be delayed until the end of the year or maybe 2009.


After much speculation, American MVNO Virgin Mobile USA is to merge with fellow straggler Helio in an attempt to exploit economies of scale and attract contract customers.


French President Sarkozy proposed a 0.9% on ISPs to offset the shortfall in revenue due to the decline of TV and radio advertising. Meanwhile in India, Vodafone continues its fight over whether or not it owes capital gains tax with the government there.


Perhaps surprisingly, Canada's BCE won the legal battle to go ahead with the largest leveraged buy-out in history, a €22.42 billion (US$35 billion) deal that the telco's bondholders fought, saying it would reduce their holdings to junk.


Cisco was in trouble over junk too: second-hand kit reseller Network Hardware Resale criticised the company for not doing enough to keep counterfeit products off the market.