THE WRAP: Indian 3G, ID heist and Olympics fraud

It was the week India announced 3G plans and Motorola found someone to run its handset business.

India set the floor price for a national 3G license at $472 million and issued 3G spectrum to BSNL and MTNL. Regulator TRAI called on the government to grant MVNO licenses.

Cisco defied expectations and the economic gloom with a 4% boost in Q4 profit. It maintained its long-term forecast.

Motorola appointed Qualcomm COO Sanjay Jha as the head of its mobile phone business.

Eleven men were charged over the biggest ever ID theft: details of 41 million credit and debit cardholders. The leader of the gang was alleged to be a federal informant.

Thousands of Olympics fans were caught in an online ticket scam. The US Olympic Committee filed a lawsuit against six websites, accusing them of selling fake or non-existent tickets.

Staffers accompanying President Bush to China were told to leave their BlackBerrys at home for security reasons.

Global handset sales will grow 11% in 2008 to 1.28 billion, said Gartner. Infonetics forecast worldwide mobile subs to hit 5.2 billion in 2011. Search is gaining on email as the most popular internet application, said Pew.

Apple's contractor Foxconn is building 800,000 iPhones a week. Foxcon chairman Terry Gou said he would build a $3.2 billion factory in the firm's home market of Taiwan.

Yahoo's board survived a shareholders' meeting. A recount of the vote showed less than two-thirds of investors had voted for CEO Jerry Yang's team, and not 85% as originally announced.

Sprint announced a loss of $344 million and a million customers in Q2. Lenovo lifted profit 65%. BitTorrent laid off nearly a quarter of its staff. Intel unveiled its new multi-tasking, lower-powered chip, Larrabee.

Homeowners will be invited to purchase the optical fiber tails to their homes in a trial soon to start in Ottawa, Canada.

Google announced a legal MP3 download service in China in partnership with Top It launched a search appliance for enterprises.

Cable operator Comcast paid $125 million for fashion and lifestyle newsletter Daily Candy.

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will be able to indefinitely impound the laptops of travelers entering the US.

Social networker Friendster, whose biggest market is in Asia, received a $20 million investment

A Microsoft study of 30 billion instant messaging records confirmed that only six degrees of separation keeps the world's 7 billion people apart.

For the third time, Space X lost a rocket on launch, along with three satellites and the ashes of 200 people, including James Doohan, who played "Scotty" in StarTrek.