THE WRAP: Telefonica wins Vivo, Ericsson sales slow

This week Telefonica secured ownership of Brazilian operator Vivo, and Ericsson's sales stalled.
Telefónica paid €7.5 billion to finally win control of Brazilian operator Vivo.
The UK government gave the go-ahead to a 4G spectrum sale next year.
Apple’s iPad took a top-five spot in global portable PC sales, on shipments of 3 million units.
BT will have to plug a gap in its pension fund alone after regulator Ofcom said it had no plans to let the telco increase wholesale charges. Cost cutting helped the telco grow profits in 2Q.
France Telecom said regulation cost it €500 million in revenues during 2Q, resulting in a drop in operating profit to €4.71 billion
Pacnet joined the $400 million Pacific Fibre cable, linking Australia and New Zealand to the US west coast.
Chinese vendors took the lion’s share of China Mobile’s latest TD-SCDMA contracts, with Huawei, ZTE and Datang snaring 70%.
Yahoo Japan dumped its parent company’s Microsoft-powered search engine in favor of Google.
But the US search giant lost share to Baidu in both the desktop and mobile search markets in China. Baidu, the default search provider for the iPhone in China, said it was seeking deals with Android and Symbian handset-makers.
Google plotted to take on Facebook in the emerging social games market.
Asia maintained its dominance of the world’s broadband league table, with South Korea, Hong Kong and Japan taking the top spots in Akamai’s quarterly analysis.
Oracle founder and chief executive Larry Ellison was the world’s best-paid executive in the past decade, taking home $1.84 billion.

And Citigroup warned customers of a bug in its iPhone app that recorded personal information to a secret file on the device.