Yahoo, T-Mobile team up on wireless advertising

As Yahoo continues to position a greater share of its business in the mobile space, it has formed another partnership with a major wireless carrier, an report said.

The report said Yahoo announced that it has signed an exclusive agreement with T-Mobile to provide display advertising on the carrier's Web 'n' Walk internet service in the UK.

'We are focused on extending our leadership in both display advertising and in mobile services, and this new partnership demonstrates our continued momentum,' the spokesperson said,quoted by the

Under the agreement, Yahoo will become the exclusive provider of graphical ads on the T-Mobile internet service in the UK.

The two companies expect the ads to go live in the first half of this year, report said.

In November 2006, Yahoo brokered a similar ad partnership in the UK with Vodafone. The deals give Yahoo exclusive advertising rights to two of Britain's top five wireless carriers, the report further said.