Yahoo unveils integrated phone service

Yahoo announced a new mobile phone service that integrates email, instant messaging and social networks, an Associated Press report said.

The Associated Press report Marco Boerries, executive vice president for Connected Life at Yahoo as saying that the service, Called oneConnect, is expected to launch this spring

Its open architecture means users and other companies can eventually add many other applications to it, the executive said.

'The key driving force in opening up the platform is putting content into the device. No company can create these ecosystems alone. We have to be open,' Boerries said.

The Associated Press report further said Boerries also announced cell phone carrier T-Mobile will offer Yahoo's internet search service to its European customers in late March, shifting away from Google. T-Mobile will offer Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Messenger, as well as Yahoo's oneSearch, which provides news, financial information, photos, web pages and other services.

The announcements come as Yahoo copes with Microsoft's unsolicited bid for Yahoo and as Yahoo completed an acquisition of its own, buying online video service Maven Networks for $160 million, the report further said.