Yahoo upgrades to combat "search fatigue"

Yahoo has beefed up its search function with real-time search 'suggestions' and direct integration of video and other content.

The upgrade follows a survey that found online users were suffering from 'search fatigue', Yahoo said.

The study by Harris Interactive said that 99% of online adults use a search engine, only 15% find what they're looking for with their first search, and most need to conduct three to four searches.

'We know that consumers want a complete answer, not a bunch of links, and the changes we've made are focused on getting people to the best answer -- whether it be a Web link, photo, video or music clip -- in one search,' ,' said Vish Makhijani, general manager and senior vice president of Yahoo! Search.

The new function offers real-time query suggestions and related topics and also integrates audio, video and photos directly into the search results.