ZTE brings GSM, LTE together

ZTE has launched a new product which enables the deployment of GSM and LTE on the same spectrum band.
The vendor yesterday debuted its new Magic Radio Spectrum Solution, which uses existing GSM macro sites to deliver dual-mode GSM/LTE in the 900- and 1800-MHz bands.
Using existing sites allows operators to deploy LTE data services while keeping in-use GSM voice services intact.
One component of the product allows GSM and LTE to share some of the same frequencies simultaneously, and a second dynamically schedules spectrum resources to GSM and LTE.
ZTE claims these two technologies can in tandem improve networks' spectral efficiency by up to 50%.
ZTE vice president Zhao Xianming said the company sees magic radio becoming “a key technology in GSM/LTE co-spectrum scenarios, and we are confident it will facilitate widespread network deployments and reduce front-end investment.”