ZTE to deploy biggest Wimax network in Ukraine

ZTE has secured a Wimax contract with Ukraine High Technologies (UHT) via a deal with Icon Private Equity.
UHT is a portfolio company under the Russian Icon Private Equity group and was awarded a 3.5GHz Wimax network license in 2006 to provide Wimax service in Ukraine.

The high speed wireless network covering capital city Kiev and surrounding areas is scheduled to be completed by Q4 2009, with ZTE providing technical expertise and solutions over a three phase rollout. The Chinese vendor will also supply over 250 base stations, 6,000 terminal products and core network equipment.
The longer-term deployment plan will see ZTE supply a nationwide Wimax network in Ukraine, facilitating the build of Ukraine’s largest Wimax network.
UHT chief executive Evgueni Lissitsin said, “as ZTE is the market leader in the industry, we have enormous faith in our partnership to expertly fulfill Ukraine’s end-users needs for stable, high-speed wireless broadband access.”
As of 1Q 2009, ZTE had deployed 16 Wimax networks in 26 countries.