The partnership will provide “an opportunity to develop an entire industry,” executives said.

The acquisition will give Microsoft’s Azure access to billions of new connected endpoints.

Recognizing the great threats posed to the IoT world, Telefónica has launched its own IoT Cybersecurity Unit, a new project that combines the company’s…

The EC’s connected car Wi-Fi proposal drew criticism from mobile industry and technology groups.

The EU will vote on a proposed Wi-Fi standard for connected cars this week.

The Linux Foundation announced that four new members have joined LF Edge: Alef Mobitech, HarmonyCloud, Section and Marvell Semiconductor.

Wi-Fi chip vendor Quantenna will be acquired by ON Semiconductor in a $1.07 billion cash deal. Quantenna shares rose 17.5% this week on the news.

Ericsson has launched a cellular connectivity solution that it says will help accelerate the Industry 4.0 digital transformation.