The company is urging the FCC to realign the 900 MHz band to support broadband.

Wide-Area IoT connections – including cellular and non-cellular technologies – increased nearly 70% in 2018, growing at a much faster pace than expected.

The agreements will enable low-power IoT devices to operate across multiple IoT networks.

Altice USA, Frontier Communications, Motorola Solutions and Windstream are just a handful of entities that told the FCC in no uncertain terms that they object…

Ontario will be the first region to see the NB-IoT network in 2019.

The network is designed to connect devices that require data rates less than 100 kbps.

According to a new survey, there’s widespread industry consensus that security challenges will escalate with the advent of 5G networks.

Sprint says its standalone future is in trouble, but opponents to its proposed merger with T-Mobile say it's not that bad. Industry analysts weigh in.