Dish Network has already finalized contracts with multiple vendors of telecom gear, executives said this week.

The Associated Press reports that the Trump administration has quietly set aside plans to require new cars to wirelessly communicate using DSRC.

The wireless industry is clearly going through a period of major upheaval, and not just because Sprint and T-Mobile might not merge.

Qualcomm Technologies announced that it is working with several players, including AT&T, Ford and Nokia, to kick off what’s believed to be the first…

Quantenna Communications announced its QSR10R-AX chipset for 802.11ax mesh repeater networks.

Nokia and Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions announced a strategic partnership around the industrial IoT.

The LoRa Alliance released its latest technical specifications that include features supporting roaming and separation of back-end nodes.

Uber and Lyft continue to gain traction around the world, but the IoT can also be leveraged through other modes of transportation.