T-Mobile confirmed it will build a nationwide NB-IoT network next year.

Nokia said it is expanding its WING offering, which essentially enables the company to serve as an IoT-focused MVNO.

Verizon is looking to enhance its own IoT offerings by testing NB-IoT network technology starting next year.

Intel’s 5G Mobile Trial Platform will support the new non-standalone (NSA) New Radio (NR) standard in the fourth quarter for live tests and trials.

Robert Bosch LLC is asking the FCC for Special Temporary Authority to test an automotive radar sensor at two separate locations in Wisconsin and Illinois this…

As the IoT begins to get legs, the industry is beginning to focus on real-world use cases and business models beyond basic scenarios.

Facebook is using data it created to map the planet’s entire human population to help it determine what types of internet service it should use to reach the…

Verizon and AT&T are using drones to help in recovery efforts in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.