Live Keynote from the Next Gen Wireless Summit

Tim Danks, VP of Risk Management & Partner Relations from Huawei, Discusses 5G Risks and the Future of Security in ICT

View the Live stream Wednesday, November 20th at 11:05 AM Central

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In the information age we have seen advances beyond what might have been imagined 30-40 years ago. Aside from a few futurists and science fiction authors what we take for granted today were thought impossible only a few years back. While these are truly positive accomplishments in technology and innovation what we also know is that along with these advancements have come a great many abuses of these new capabilities resulting in a variety of negative impacts across both the private and public sectors. How does 5G/IOT/Cloud impact this? Risks? How do we use 5G as an enabler for security? Rewards? As we stand at the edge of the 4th industrial revolution we see vast possibilities. Incredible speeds, real-time applications, everything/everyone connected. The opportunities are mind boggling and appear limitless but also bring new risks. We must work together on ensuring the security of innovations now to secure the future.



Tim Danks

Tim Danks

VP, Risk Management & Partner Relations, Huawei Technologies (USA)


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