Live Stream: 5G Spectrum Policy and its Implications for Industry Transformation from the Internet of Things to AI

Live stream of the panel discussion will take place on Thursday, October 25 @ 9:00 am ET. No registration required – an e-mail reminder will be sent the day of the event. In the meantime, bookmark this link.

The panel discussion, moderated by FierceWireless’ Editor-in-Chief Mike Dano, will cover the following topics:

  • The move to 5G in the United States is being closely watched by the rest of the world, particularly as we move toward the World Radio Conference in 2019. Taking full advantage of 5G’s capabilities will require significant investments to upgrade existing networks using expanded spectrum resources. The regulatory environment will also impact 5G’s rollout in terms of spectrum assignments, infrastructure deployment and technical interoperability. How is the U.S. making strides to encourage 5G development and innovation?
  • What steps is the U.S. taking in terms of spectrum policy to create economies of scale to enable the diversity, availability and affordability of devices? How important will access to low, mid and high band spectrum –including international decisions at WRC-19 - be to encourage worldwide integration of 5G?
  • The faster speeds of 5G combined with lower latency will offer better network reliability and quicker downloads to support improved data sharing and connectivity. How will these changes impact economic opportunities to increase productivity, lower costs, and spur new functional capabilities across a wide range of industries?

Panel Participants:

  • Moderator: Mike Dano - Editor-in-Chief, FierceWireless
  • Asha Keddy - VP and GM of Next Generation and Standards, Intel Corporation
  • Scott Bergmann – Senior Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, CTIA