Comcast starts selling wireless plans to small businesses

Comcast considers mobile as a supplement to its lucrative fixed broadband service. (Getty Images)

Comcast Business today extended Comcast's mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) wireless service to small business customers across its national footprint.

Comcast Business Mobile offers 4G and 5G coverage, which rides on Verizon’s nationwide network. It offers a variety of data options either by-the-gig (beginning at $15/per month for 1 gig) or unlimited data ($45/per month for 1 line). Customers can mix and match plans across up to 10 lines. Comcast reserves the right to reduce speeds after a business uses 20 GB per month.

Similar to its Xfinity Mobile service for consumers, Comcast Business Mobile customers must also be Comcast fixed-line internet subscribers.

The cable company’s executives have said repeatedly on earnings calls and other investor events that they consider mobile as a supplement to Comcast’s lucrative fixed broadband service, making broadband more sticky to its customers.

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In September 2020, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts called its relationship with Verizon a “win-win,” as mobile service can help increase the value of Comcast’s core broadband customers.

In addition to wireless coverage provided through a wholesale agreement with Verizon, Comcast also touts the fact that its MVNO customers get the benefit of Comcast’s more than 20 million Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide. The company says its by-the-gig Business Mobile offering is especially “well-suited for teams in locations with more Wi-Fi and less cellular usage – such as in offices and retail stores.”

Comcast boosts mobile marketing

Comcast held a publicity event on July 14 called “Break Free from the Big Three” for its Xfinity Mobile brand.

“Xfinity Mobile is encouraging consumers to break free from the big three carriers and join Xfinity Mobile where they will have more flexibility and cost savings with their 5G mobile plans,” said Sophie Ahmad, EVP of sales, marketing and product at Comcast Cable, as part of the event.

The initiative is a bit ironic in that Comcast’s wireless service rides on Verizon’s network. Comcast never mentions this fact in marketing. It just says Comcast’s mobile service gives customers “access to the most reliable network.”

According to a Comcast survey conducted in partnership with Wakefield Research in April 2021, 65% of all Americans have had longer relationships with their mobile providers than with their romantic partners. But 76% of Americans would break up with their mobile provider if someone did it for them.
So Comcast has created what it calls a “Switch Squad” to help potential mobile subscribers switch to Xfinity Mobile. In reality, potential customers simply visit an Xfinity store and someone helps them port their cell number and switch from their current provider to Comcast — a routine occurrence at wireless retail stores.