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Fault-Managed Power Systems for Wireless: Empowering 5G Networks

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An improved format of power delivery called “fault-managed power” is changing how communication systems are powered. The 2023 version of the National Electrical Code (NEC) includes New Article 726, which brings Class 4 power (also called fault-managed power systems, or FMPS) into the NEC for the first time.

Join Belden and VoltServer as we explore the future of power with FMPS in the era of 5G. Discover the transformative capabilities of fault-managed power systems (FMPS) in revolutionizing power delivery for wireless systems, particularly in the context of 5G networks.

In this webinar, we will provide a comprehensive introduction to FMPS, focusing on their application within Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) and small cell networks, and their vital role in supporting the power demands of 5G technology.

By participating in this webinar, attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of the following:

1.       Distinctions of Class 4 Circuits:

  • Differentiators between Class 4 circuits and other classes as defined by the NEC.
  • Relevance of Class 4 circuits to 5G networks and their unique characteristics and requirements.

2.       Benefits of FMPS for 5G Networks:

  •  Advantages and benefits of FMPS for DAS and small cell networks during 5G deployment.
  • Enhanced power delivery efficiency, reliability, and system performance for high-speed, low latency 5G networks.

3.       Global Deployment and Standards:

  • Deployment strategies and classifications of FMPS in the United States and globally in the context of 5G networks.
  • Integration of FMPS within the international standard IEC 62368-1 and its relevance to 5G deployments worldwide.



Ron Tellas

Ron joined Belden in 2016 to help define the roadmap of technology and applications in the enterprise. Ron is a subject-matter expert in RF design and Electromagnetic Propagation. He represents Belden in the ISO WG3 committee, TIA TR42 Premises Cabling Standards and IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Working Group. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University, a M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology, and an MBA from Purdue University.


Luke Getto

Luke Getto is the Director of Product Management at VoltServer, a startup disrupting the energy sector with its patented Digital Electricity™️.  He has an MBA from William Paterson University and an MSEE from Stevens Institute of Technology. His professional experience includes design engineering, project/product management, and senior leadership positions.  He has worked on wireless communications from GPS satellites to terrestrial wireless networks.  He is passionate about transitioning electrical power infrastructure that is safer, more resilient, and based on renewable energy.

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60 minutes