2011 Wireless industry nightmares

ghostIt's Halloween. Jack-o-lanterns are aglow. Horror movies are on repeat on TV. Candy is prepared for trick-or-treaters. In keeping with the ghoulish spirit of the day, FierceWireless decided to ponder: What does strike fear into the hearts of wireless executives all over the land? Similar to last year's "Wireless Nightmares," this year's pack of frights delve into the subconscious of several leading industry executives.

More importantly, these nightmares are scenarios that could plausibly come to pass within the next year. Many revolve around product strategy, but financial worries, regulatory woes and other potential business maladies are also crowding the fevered dreams of our executives.

To be clear, we are not predicting that these scenarios will happen, only that they could happen. They are worst-case scenarios--hence, they are nightmares.

Read on to find out these executives' nightmares, taking note of the number of jack-o-lanterns--the more pumpkins, the more nightmarish the scenario. Feel free to comment and leave your own wireless nightmares.--Phil


tim cook Siri goes nuts, starts insulting customers
Verizon's LTE Network has another major outage
Erik Prusch The markets do not rescue Clearwire financially
philip-falcone The FCC denies LightSquared ability to launch its commercial LTE network
sanjay jha Google's $12.5 billion acquisition gets rejected
The Motorola acquisition fails to protect Google's Android partners from patent litigation
The iPhone does little to turn around the company's postpaid subscriber additions
rim co-ceos BBX fails to catch fire
Nokia's Windows Phone devices flop
Rene Obermann AT&T/T-Mobile falls apart at trial