2012 Wireless industry nightmares

By Phil Goldstein


Halloween is here once again, and while the natural world provides plenty of frightening situations (see the devastation from Hurricane Sandy), at FierceWireless we decided to take a turn on the lighter side.

Just like we did last year, we've taken a look inside the minds of some of the industry's top executives to see what really scares them. These nightmares are scenarios that could plausibly come to pass within the next year.

Indeed, looking back last year's list, some of our nightmares did actually come to life. The FCC did effectively deny LightSquared's ability to launch its network. Research In Motion's (NASDAQ:RIMM) BBX platform (renamed BlackBerry 10) was pushed back until the first quarter of 2013. And, of course, AT&T's (NYSE:T) proposed $39 billion acquisition of T-Mobile USA did wind up collapsing, though not at a trial with the Department of Justice. 

Thus, the nightmares listed below may well come true. Spooky, right?

To be clear, we are not predicting that these scenarios will happen, only that they could happen. They are worst-case scenarios--hence, they are nightmares.

Read on to find out these executives' nightmares, taking note of the number of jack-o-lanterns--the more pumpkins, the more nightmarish the scenario. Feel free to comment and leave your own wireless nightmares. --Phil

tim cook

The iPad mini cannibalizes iPad sales

Stephen Elop Microsoft introduces a Surface Windows Phone, and it outsells Lumia
Erik Prusch TD-LTE remains unsupported by major handset providers
JK Shin Android ends up in an even greater a patent-infringement mess
Thorsten Heins RIM Carriers choose Windows Phone 8 over BlackBerry 10
dan hesse Regulators delay Softbank's $20.1 billion investment in Sprint
Doug Hutcheson leap No carrier wants to buy Leap
Charlie Egan Dish unable to deploy an LTE Advanced network using its MSS spectrum
Randall Stephenson The FCC imposes new spectrum caps that make acquiring spectrum more difficult
Rene Obermann The FCC and DOJ reject the T-Mobile/MetroPCS deal


2012 Wireless industry nightmares