Action Engine

Company name: Action Engine
Where it's based: N/A
When it was founded: 2000
What year it was a Fierce 15: 2005
Website: N/A

Why it was a Fierce 15: Action Engine's technology offered an innovative way to access content, optimized for the limited form factors of most cell phones. Action Engine's platform offered users a way to access mobile content at speeds up to 20 times faster than most competing solutions and with up to 80 percent fewer keystrokes. Simply put, a user could get to content without having to waste time fidgeting with their phone's keypad. Click here for more.

What has happened since it was awarded the Fierce 15: Action Engine was acquired by MobUI Corporation in 2008 to "deliver upon the company's mission to rapidly create beautiful iPhone, mobile Web and downloadable applications for major consumer brands," according to MobUI.