Based: Dallas, TX

Founded: 2004

Why it’s Fierce: Adaptix has the platform that service providers and municipalities need for converged applications and services offerings. Adaptix found that the current macro-cell architectures are insufficient for meeting the demand of emerging wireless broadband systems, which is why the OFDMA-vendor recently released a suite of WiMAX equipment based on more numerous and more dense micro-cell layouts. And while the company officially launched in 2004, it formed from the amalgamation of two BWIA pioneers: Vectrad Networks and Broadstorm. Adaptix enables service providers to better support mobile VoIP, audio and video streaming, mobile video conferencing, hotspot aggregation, temporary or disaster recovery Internet access and more.

What to look for: Watch for Adaptix to capitalize on its relationships with heavy-hitters with some new service provider deals this year.