Alltel Salesguys vs. Santa - Holiday Commercials

This commercial from Alltel features the clay-mation clones of the real-life wireless sales guys who have it out for Chad, the character who has become Alltel's go-to rep in its advertisements. The ad gets in a good plug for Alltel's My Circle calling plan. The smugness with which the sales guys denounce Alltel gets amplified by the clay-mation and the theme (what kind of creep actually writes fake letters to people pretending to be Santa?) and the ending makes it memorable, which makes the corporate information at the end go down easier.
Aesthetics: B+
Effectiveness: B+

Overall Grade: B+

The sales guys up the ante in this one by trying to stop deserving customers from getting their hands on Alltel phones, especially the touch-sensitive LG Rhythm featuring Alltel Navigation. The punch line pushes on through until the end of the commercial, as Santa and his pal Chad guide the sleigh using the turn-by-turn GPS navigation.
Aesthetics: A-
Effectiveness: A

Overall Grade: A-

Alltel Salesguys vs. Santa - Holiday Commercials