Analyzing the world's handset launches from February

Research firm Strategy Analytics tracks and ranks every handset announced by every manufacturer across the globe. The firm evaluates the specifications of each of those handsets to derive engineering trends in the space, from battery capacity to weight to screen size.

The firm issues a monthly report on these handset design trends. Thanks to a teaming between Strategy Analytics and FierceWireless, we'll bring you some key figures from that report. (See the September 2009 report and the November 2009 report, and in 2010 see the January report, the February report, the March report, the May report, the June report, the August report and the September report.)

During February, another 50 new handsets were announced globally by the world's handset vendors. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS all hit new highs in Strategy Analytics' monthly analysis of specifications of new handsets. Specs for Acer's Iconia Smart were particularly impressive, featuring this month's highest uplink data-rate, the largest display, the second highest resolution camera, as well as supporting a large number of other features such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, HDMI, accelerometer and gyroscope. Android again dominated the smartphone models and just under 50 percent of all new smartphones featured a 1 GHz or higher processor. RIM's BlackBerry Bold 2 9700 remained at the top of our latest shelf share analysis, appearing on the handset portfolios of more carriers than any other model.

See these charts for details:

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And here's a list of all the handsets detailed by Strategy Analytics during the month of February (where specs are known):

Acer Iconia Smart

Amoi S520

Amoi S532

Daxian KV5558

Fly DS181

Fly E140

Fly E181 Sophie

Fly MC155

Gigabyte GSmart M3447

Hisense HS-E89

HP Pre 3 - 16 GB

HP Pre 3 - 8 GB

HP Pre 3 GSM 16GB

HP Pre 3 GSM 8GB

HP Veer - 1

HP Veer - 2

HTC HD7S (16 GB)


i-mobile i691

i-mobile i693

i-mobile S285

i-mobile S286

INQ Mobile Cloud Touch




K-Touch B909

Kyocera Mamorino 2

LG C550 Optimus Chat

LG LU2700 Icecream 3

Motorola Gleam (International)

Motorola Gleam (American version)

Motorola Pro


Nokia X1-00

Pantech IM-A720L Vega Xpress

Philips Xenium F515

Samsung Breeze SCH-B209

Samsung Galaxy Pro B7510

Samsung S3850 Corby II

Samsung SHW-M240S Galaxy Ace

Sharp Baccarat SH-09C

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play CDMA

Spice Mobile M-5056

Spice Mobile M-5570

Spice Mobile M-5700 Flo

Spice mobile M-6350

Spice mobile M-6460

Spice mobile Mi-310

ZTE Skate

Analyzing the world's handset launches from February