Andreas Illiger - 8 rising stars in mobile app development

Name: Andreas Illiger
Platform(s): iOS
Noted for: Tiny Wings

Andreas Illiger isn't a development company; he's a one man operation. Illiger's first mobile game, Tiny Wings, is a top seller in the Apple App Store, and sister site FierceMobileContent spotlighted it back in March. Like Angry Birds, Tiny Wings features colorful, cartoon birds, but the similarities end there. Illiger's game is action-oriented rather than puzzle-based. Illiger keeps users engaged by adding a new in-game background every day.

What's next: Illiger has been very hush-hush about what is next for him. He continues to update Tiny Wings and revealed that he is working on a version optimized for Apple's iPad, with additional bonus features. In addition, Illiger is working on new games, unrelated to Tiny Wings.