Aperto Networks

Aperto Networks

Based: Milpitas, CA

Founded: 1999


Why it’s Fierce: Aperto Networks has always been at the forefront of WiMAX development. Aperto and Intel played crucial roles in developing the earliest WiMAX chips (802.16d), which led Aperto to more than 100 deals with carriers around the world. Like some of the other winners this year, Aperto has a keen interest in deploying WiMAX in emerging markets, like India. BSNL and Aperto recently launched the largest WiMAX deployment in India, covering six cities and four rural areas. The services included in the deployment are MPLS, VPN, leased line Internet access, VoIP, telemedicine, e-education, e-governance and e-commerce in remote areas.

What to look for: Look for Aperto to sign more WiMAX agreements with carriers in the U.S. and in developing wireless markets. Don’t be surprised if Aperto gets scooped up this year, either.