Boost Mobile - holiday commercials 2009

This ad, part of Boost Mobile's "Unwronged" advertising campaign, looks at the effects cutbacks have had on Santa's operation. Like others in the series, the ad presents a scenario that is "wrong," and then uses the situation to highlight what's really "wrong"--paying too much for a cell phone bill. The key sales pitch in this ad, made by a giant, deep-voiced elf, seals the deal.
Aesthetics: A
Effectiveness: B+
Overall Grade:

With this ad, Boost clearly took a page from AT&T and the Gingerbread Men used in AT&T's GoPhone ads from last year. The ad, for its sheer oddness, strikes gold as a memorable sales pitch. (Check out this alternate version with a slightly dirtier ending).
Aesthetics: A-
Effectiveness: A
Overall Grade: A

Boost Mobile - holiday commercials 2009