BreadCrumbz - Top 5 Free Android Apps 2009

Developed by BreadCrumbz Ltd.

Had Hansel and Gretel navigated the forest using BreadCrumbz instead of breadcrumbs, they would have not only found their way home--they also could've snapped photos of the witch's candy cottage as a warning to fellow travelers. BreadCrumbz exploits Android's GPS, Google Maps, camera and microphone features to enable users to create first-person travelogues complete with annotated photos and spoken narration--chart the route from your apartment to the nearest commuter train stop or document your journey through a foreign locale, leaving behind a trail of audio/visual markers to share with friends or the Android community at large. BreadCrumbz also tracks the distance and walking or driving time from one point to another. Once you find BreadCrumbz in Android Market, you'll never get lost again.

BreadCrumbz demo: