Breizh Mobile, France

Innovation: Targeting low penetration regions with an emphasis on cultural ties.

Breizh Mobile is a regional MVNO operating in the Brittany and Loire-Atlantique regions of France and is part of the larger Omer Telecom’s MVNO business.

This company, which also operates the Virgin Mobile MVNO in France, has a strategy of targeting under-penetrated regions of France with locally-branded mini-MVNOs, such as Breizh Mobile. This particular MVNO has specialised in attracting residents to the service who consider themselves Bretons rather than French. The company continues to offer cut-price services while maintaining a strong regional identity.

With the French government encouraging the launch of more MVNOs to provoke more intense competition, Breizh Mobile looks likely to prosper given its decision to focus on consumers wanting to work with a clearly identifiable local provider.

Breizh Mobile, France