Cable broadband stimulus applicants


Here is the full list of cable applicants.

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Applicant Location  Total Request  Description
West Georgia Broadband Inc. West Point, GA  $   28,551,011 The new KIA Manufacturing Plant located in Troup County is driving demand for High Speed data, as well as video and voice service in nearby unserved and underserved areas. This project will deploy DOCSIS 3.0 technology providing 10-100 Mbps downstream/2-10 Mbps upstream asymmetrical high speed data service along with new video and voice offerings to 7,500 unserved and 10,364 underserved passings.
Eastern Cable Corporation Corbin, KY  $     3,751,704 The West Knox County Broadband project will provide Last Mile cable broadband to a 26-square mile rural unserved area of Knox County, Kentucky. This project represents an unprecedented effort to deliver high speed digital services and economic development, and improve the quality of life in an economically depressed region that has historically suffered from technological isolation.
City of Bardstown Bardstown, KY  $          73,142 The Primary goal of the project is to provide broadband cable internet services to the rural city of Fairfield, Kentucky 40020 that will increase the citizens' access to education, health and job opportunities thereby increasing the economic opportunities for this town.
NPG Cable, INC St. Joseph, MO  $        222,350 Extend Hybrid Fiber Coax infrastructure 4.2 miles to unserved rural community. Includes construction of 4.2 miles of fiber optic cable and 2.1 mi. of 870MHz HFC coaxial RF cable network.
Cable Montana, LLC Kearney, NE  $     1,514,640 Cable Montana (CMT); a cable operator; is applying for $1.8M Broadband Infrastructure Program grant funding to build out regional (Middle Mile) Gigabit Ethernet backbone and local (Last Mile) HFC access network to the south central Montana. CMT proposes the BRB project to deploy a broadband network that will provide rural communities in the coverage area with internet, video and voice services.
NPG Cable, INC St. Joseph, MO  $        423,375 Extend Hybrid Fiber Coax infrastructure 17.5 miles to the underserved rural community. Provide service to business, medical, educational, and municipal facilities by.
NPG Cable, INC St. Joseph, MO  $        977,047 Extend Hybrid Fiber Coax infrast. 19.2 miles to under served rural comm. replaces AML microwave trans which does not support data transport. Includes const. / retrofit of existing cable network to support high speed data & voice. Services entire comm. underserved due to distance/speed limits of DSL. Provides 35 miles of retro network. Scales to 50Mbps for customer CPE & 500Mbps P2P service
Flint Cable TV, Inc. Reynolds, GA  $     8,191,826 Flint Digital Wave expands network coverage to all homes in underserved areas of Culloden, Yatesville & Friendship Community in rural middle Georgia, adding broadband to its cable service for existing customers in portions of the serving area. Flint Digital Wave includes an upgrade to a new industry standard allowing for very high upstream & downstream bandwidth to area homes for the first time.
Plantation Cablevision, Inc. Eatonton, GA  $        274,318 This relatively modest project ($274,318 grant requested) will enable Plantation Cablevision to deliver high speed broadband service to two small, rural and currently underserved (and partially unserved) communities in Georgia. Plantation will replace an antiquated microwave site with a hybrid fiber-coaxial system that will support Internet access, advanced digital video and VoIP service.
JETBROADBAND WV, LLC Pineville, WV  $     5,684,328 JetBroadband WV, LLC proposes to utilize Rural Utilities Broadband Access Funds to upgrade their existing coaxial cable and fiber optic CATV plant to provide Broadband Services in the West Virginia communities of Anawalt, Bradshaw, Davy, Gary, Iaefer, Keystone, Kimball, Northfork, Welch, War, and the rural areas surrounding these communities in McDowell County West Virginia.
Vital Communications Group LLC Belhaven, NC  $   14,197,000 Project master head end will be located in Ronceverte,WV the system will be a HFC-Docsis III node + 1 30 meg system and a stand alone head end in Apple Grove,WV approximately 301 mile of fiber existing upgrade and 200 miles of backbone to consolidate existing facility.
Supervision Inc. Wasilla, AK  $        174,680 The 'Farther and Faster" project addresses the limitations of the existing last mile cable transport infrastructure and cable modem system in Tanana, Alaska. Both of these existing systems are running at capacity and unable to deliver broadband. This project upgrades the existing infrastructure so that the system can provide broadband today and meet the needs and demands of tomorrow's customers.
Tel-Star Cablevision Inc Metamora, IL  $     2,926,026 The Quad-County Rural Broadband Project is a non-remote rural, last and middle mile project providing broadband access to non-remote rural areas in Illinois and DL through interconnection. Telstar Cablevision Inc. is the applicant for the Project with anchor institution partners- Illinois District 140 schools, Eureka Library, Woodford County Sheriff, WCESDA, MCESDA and Parsons Industrial Park.
CalNeva Broadband, LLC Westwood, CA  $        925,000 The project expands broadband availability (video,voice,& data) to Calneva's entire footprint (5600 existing households) and involves three phases. 1) Completion of a fiber optic backbone to connect all communities. 2) New aerial and underground coaxial cable construction to serve areas not currently served and 3) Upgrade portions of the existing coaxial plant to begin offering voice and data.
Hometown Cable Company,LLC. Coldwater, OH  $     4,627,306 Hometown Cable Company, LLC will provide countywide Internet and broadband wide area network (WWAN) to facilitate fixed and mobile broadband Internet throughout Darke and Preble Counties in Ohio. This network will enable broadband applications and services such as: residential and business Internet, connection of remote sites, WiFi, redundant broadband backup, and mobile broadband to rural areas.
Horizon Telcom, Inc. Chillicothe, OH  $     2,831,485 Horizon Telcom, Inc. is seeking to extend broadband services to the entirety of its ILEC service area. This area includes the majority of Ross County and parts of neighboring Pickaway, Hocking, Vinton and Pike counties, where at present 2,422 homes lack access to broadband. Horizon is seeking $2,831,485 in federal funds to assist with the estimated total project cost of $5,778,540.
Horizon Telcom, Inc. Chillicothe, OH  $     2,190,645 Horizon Telcom, Inc. seeks to upgrade its cable TV network in parts of Scioto and Pike counties to provide broadband services to 1,945 homes currently lacking access to broadband. Broadband services are not available because of the antiquated equipment and delivery systems in place when Horizon acquired the territory. Horizon is seeking $2,190,645 in support of a total project cost of $4,470,703.
Horizon Telcom, Inc. Chillicothe, OH  $     2,799,594 Horizon Telcom, Inc. seeks to expand its network in northwestern Scioto County and southern Pike County to provide broadband services to 2,091 homes currently lacking access to broadband service. There are no cable TV system serves that area and the ILEC does not provide DSL service to the area. Horizon seeks $2,799,594 in funds toward the estimated total project cost of $3,999,420.
Clark Cablevision, Inc. Dallas, TX  $     5,642,974 Clark Cablevision, Inc. requests a BTOP last mile grant to expand its existing broadband network to more than 8,311 unserved homes in Pahrump, NV. Our experienced management team and organization is prepared and qualified to commence this viable, shovel-ready and scalable project that will quickly deliver access to a robust 4 Mbps Internet service within 90 days and be 95% complete in 24 months.
Cable Plus, Inc. Honaker, VA  $     2,055,486 The proposed Cable Plus last mile project will bring broadband Internet to rural, remote, unserved communities in the Central Appalachian Mountains coalfields region in southwest Virginia.