Caroline Lewko

Founder and CEO of Wireless Industry Partnership

Ask Caroline Lewko to describe herself and she'll say that she is a "consummate connector," meaning she thrives on bringing people in the industry together. That networking skill has served her well, particularly as she takes on her latest challenge as CEO of the Wireless Industry Partnership.

WIP aims to bring developers together with the rest of the wireless ecosystem to help shorten development times and foster innovation. At a time when mobile developers are in high demand, an organization such as Lewko's is providing a potentially tremendous service to the developer community.

Lewko has been in the wireless industry for more than 10 years. Prior to starting WIP, she launched Wireless Innovation Network in British Columbia and founded WaveFront, a wireless development center. Prior to that, she worked as a consultant to Accenture.

If you haven't met Lewko yet, you probably will--very soon. She spends much of her time traveling around the world, attending conferences and doing what she does best--bringing together various industry players.

Caroline Lewko