Company name: ChaCha
Where it's based: Indianapolis, Ind.
When it was founded: 2006
Year it was a Fierce 15: 2008

Why it was a Fierce 15: ChaCha came onto the scene with a human-powered search engine because company founders believed that traditional desktop search functionality didn't translate well to mobile. The company built a platform that used human guides to answer questions quickly and accurately. Users could either call an 800 number or send a text to the short code 242242 (CHACHA) with a question and, within two or three minutes, they received their answer. Click here for more.

What has happened since it was awarded the Fierce 15: ChaCha continues to offer its human-guided answer service, and said it continues to see large amounts of traffic. In June, the company said traffic had increased 1,000 percent since the company started in January 2008, and that it had supplied answers to more than 150 million questions. In March, the company raised $12 million in funding, but cut 25 staff positions.