chompSMS - Top 5 Free Android Apps 2009

Developed by chompSMS

Text is cheap, but chompSMS promises to make it even cheaper--and more user-friendly. Offering a host of messaging features including an iPhone-like onscreen keyboard, signatures, chat-style bubbles and color customizations, the clean, intuitive chompSMS interface delivers a superior experience to the native Android text messaging app, complete with large-font support to enable easier reading. But chompSMS not only features better messaging--it also features more inexpensive messaging. Users may purchase credits directly from chompSMS, which promises a flat rate per-message fee across all of the international markets its network supports, transmitting each message via Internet data connection instead of the operator network. Upcoming new features including onscreen keyboard auto-correction and T9 predictive typing suggest chompSMS will remain an Android app worth texting home about. 

chompSMS demo: