Christy Wyatt

Vice president of software applications and ecosystem for Motorola

It's no secret that Motorola's handset division is in dire need of a revamp. And one of the executives working hard to do that is Christy Wyatt, vice president of software applications and ecosystem at Motorola.

Motorola believes that the key to its renaissance lies in smartphones. But devices alone won't create a game-changing turnaround. It's the applications, the operating system and the user interface that will turn a smartphone into a best-seller with consumers. Motorola has said that it plans to emphasize Google's Android OS in its future smartphones, and Wyatt is leading the charge by recruiting a bevy of creative Android developers for the company's MotoDev developer program.

Wyatt also serves as Motorola's board member for the Linux Foundation, LiMo Foundation and Eclipse Foundation.

Wyatt is no stranger to the developer community. Before joining Motorola, she was Apple's worldwide developer relations director, where she was responsible for partners, global alliances and evangelism. Prior to that she was senior director at PalmSource, where she helped grow the firm's developer community from 3,000 to 200,000 with more than 14,000 applications.

Christy Wyatt