Comcast’s Greg Butz

Greg Butz is a FierceWireless Rising Star. (Image: Comcast, Ulza/iStock)

Greg Butz has been president of Comcast Mobile since the unit was founded two years ago. The cable giant has made it clear that it doesn’t want to buy a wireless network. But that does not mean it won’t be in the wireless business.

Xfinity Mobile, Comcast’s wireless service, uses Verizon’s spectrum through an MVNO agreement, and research shows that most of Xfinity’s new customers come from the Verizon network.

Butz has grown Xfinity Mobile faster than most analysts thought he could. By the end of the first quarter, the fledgling network had more than half a million subscribers. Butz has also shown that he’s serious about network operations by partnering with Charter, which has already invested in mobile network software. Earlier this year, Comcast said it would fund a partnership with Charter for network operations software.

A Harvard MBA with a marketing background, Butz implemented “by-the-gig” data pricing at Xfinity Mobile, giving customers a choice of $12 per gigabyte of data or $45 per line for unlimited data.

Xfinity Mobile is only available to Comcast internet subscribers. But with an estimated 25 million subscribers, Comcast is the nation’s leading ISP. AT&T and Verizon are also in the top five. As they try to grow their internet businesses by bundling internet and mobile, Comcast will be ready to compete thanks to Butz and Xfinity Mobile.

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Comcast’s Greg Butz

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