Complete coverage: Apple unveils the new iPad

Apple today announced its "new iPad," which features support for LTE networks, a Retina Display and a faster processor. The company will begin selling the device March 16 starting at $499. 

Here is Fierce's complete coverage of the news:

Apple ditches Google Maps support with new iPhoto app
Apple's new iPhoto application, introduced Wednesday in conjunction with its LTE-capable iPad tablet, leverages mapping information culled from Apple's own servers, not rival Google's More

Apple's iOS 5.1 boosts OTA app download limits, adds free trial subscriptions
In addition to unveiling its much-anticipated iPad 3 tablet, set to go on sale March 16, Apple is rolling out its iOS 5.1 mobile operating system update, which introduces a series of More

New iPad with LTE to boost ... Wi-Fi use
Apple's new LTE-equipped iPad comes with a bevy of features, not the least of which is the ability to quickly suck up an owner's monthly mobile data allotment. Two of the new iPad's More

LTE-equipped iPad: A blessing and a curse
Witnessing operators dance with the wireless broadband devil is akin to watching moths flit about a brightly burning flame. The difference is that when the moths get burned, they don't generally More

Apple introduces iPhoto for iPad
Apple announced it will offer a handful of updated apps in conjunction with the release of its new LTE-capable iPad, as well as a new app for the product: iPhoto. According to reports More

Sprint snubbed in Apple's debut of LTE iPad
Sprint Nextel is not among the carriers lined up to offer the next version of Apple's popular iPad, which will be the first Apple device to support LTE networks. The device More

AT&T, Verizon land new LTE-based Apple iPad, reveal data price plans
Apple unveiled its latest version of its popular iPad tablet, adding a Retina Display and support for LTE networks. The company used its launch event in San Francisco to tout the new More

Apple brings movies to iCloud
In conjunction with the unveiling of its new iPad, Apple announced it will expand its iCloud service to support movie purchases. More

And check out Apple's press release for its "new iPad."

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Complete coverage: Apple unveils the new iPad