Cox Communications' wireless service - The top wireless turkeys of 2010

Cox Communications' wireless serviceCox Communications first launched its test wireless markets--in Hampton Roads, Va., Omaha, Neb., and Orange County, Calif.--in December 2009. The MSO leveraged Sprint Nextel's (NYSE: S) CDMA EV-DO network for the initial markets. The company promised it would launch its own CDMA network on its AWS spectrum shortly, and that Sprint would be one of its roaming partners.

Cox unveiled its teaser ad campaign for its wireless offering in mid-January under the tagline "Unbelievably fair," giving the market a hint of its strategy even as it stayed mum on pricing details. The company rolled out an advertisement that hinted at a March launch of its wireless service.

March came and went, and at the end of March the company said it would provide details on its forthcoming wireless service within the "next few weeks." The company began testing its own wireless network--built by Huawei and others--with "friendly" customers (either employees or friends and family of employees) in its test markets.

In mid-May, the company indicated it would offer smartphones running Google's Android platform as well as BREW-capable phones when it commenced service. Additionally, Cox President Pat Esser said at the time that Cox's test market would be commercially ready in two to three months--by late summer. However, by late September, Cox still did not have any new details to share about its planned service.

To date, Cox has still not launched service.

Cox Communications' wireless service - The top wireless turkeys of 2010