B.Yond leverages automated, software-defined networking to offer an "unlimitable" network. (B.Yond)

Website: www.b-yond.com

When was the company founded? 2017

How many full-time employees? 100+

How much funding has it raised? B.Yond is privately held and backed by the original founding team

What is the business and business model? A spinoff from Nexius, B.Yond is working with leading telcos and industry agitators to build what it calls the “infinite network.” The company is providing automated, software-defined networking using a combination of open source software, artificial intelligence and machine learning. For service providers locked in a rigid network architecture, the company is redefining the concepts of network scalability, reach and flexibility by working to enable an “unbundled, technology-agnostic, virtualized, software-defined, massively distributed, ‘unlimitable’ network.”

What is the company’s differentiator? B.Yond brings a technology-agnostic perspective to the industry with a founding team that has a proven track record of innovating ahead of the curve. “We are developing solutions based on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to help service providers solve current and future connectivity challenges,” the company says.

What’s next? B.Yond’s mission is to seek out rapid innovation across technologies, methodologies, architectures and processes to transform its customers’ networks. B.Yond calls this the Infinite Network—a network that scales infinitely, is available anywhere and everywhere and provides the ability to introduce services instantaneously. “We will continue to invest in labs and innovation as we develop solutions and products based on Artificial Intelligence to help organizations build unbundled, open-source, technology agnostic, virtualized, software-defined “unlimitable” networks and cloudlets that solve current and future connectivity challenges,” the company says.

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