Common Networks

Common Networks targets suburban homes with high-speed broadband. (Common Networks)


When was the company founded? 2016

How many full-time employees? 12

How much funding has it raised? $9.3 million

What is the business and business model? “We're providing high speed broadband to suburban homes. We promise symmetrical speeds of at least 75 Mbps, and deliver on average 150 Mbps to our customers. We think that the broadband monopolies that the cable companies have right now aren't good for consumers or the internet as a whole,” noted Common Networks CEO Zach Brock.

Specifically, Common Networks is blasting wireless services from fiber connections over 5 GHz to antennas mounted on subscribers’ homes, and using software-defined networking to route traffic more effectively.

What is the company's differentiator? According to Brock: “Speed, reliability and customer service. We're providing performance that customers rave about and a customer experience that they love.”

What’s next? Common Networks currently offers service in Alameda, California, and is planning to expand to additional, unnamed markets “as quickly as possible.”

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Common Networks