Federated Wireless

Federated Wireless will launch its flagship product later this year. (Federated Wireless)

Website: federatedwireless.com

When was the company founded? 2012

How many full-time employees? 40

How much funding has it raised? More than $34 million

What is the business and business model? Federated aims to enable wireless carriers and new entrants to deploy services for business and consumers. Its embraces a “multi-tenant shared economy model” to offer standardized subscription costs and pricing to make spectrum access more cost-effective for customers of any size. The company cofounded the CBRS Alliance, which has gained significant momentum in recent months.

What is the company's differentiator? Federated said it has spent five years and millions of dollars to create its Spectrum Controller, an offering that promises to help customers create and deploy CBRS in the 3.5 GHz band. The software was developed to leverage a network of radio sensors along with advanced radio environment mapping, propagation techniques and spectrum data analytics to enable shared-spectrum scenarios while giving priority to federal incumbents, minimizing interference and maximizing spectrum efficiency.

What’s next? The Spectrum Controller will launch later this year once the FCC certification process is complete, and Federated is already engaged in “dozens of trials” with wireless carriers, cable operators, managed service providers, mobile ISPs and enterprises to make the case for shared-spectrum applications and use cases.

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Federated Wireless

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