PacketZoom focuses on the last mile to boost the performance of mobile apps.


When was the company founded? 2013

How many full-time employees? 18

How much funding has it raised? $6 million

What is the business and business model? PacketZoom says it helps mobile publishers boost the performance of their apps by “removing performance roadblocks” on Wi-Fi and cellular networks. The company claims its SDK is currently in use by more than 5 million devices, supporting some of the world’s most popular mobile games and retail, news and travel apps. Its pricing model is usage- and consumption-based, with publishers paying for the number of daily active users and bandwidth.

What is the company's differentiator? PacketZoom claims to be the only company in the market “that offers an in-app technology designed from the ground up for native mobile users, that has proved to accelerate mobile applications” threefold as it reduces errors and dropped connections. The company also said it is uniquely positioned as a content delivery network enhancer rather than a replacement, because it focuses on the last mobile mile while CDNs generally focus on the first and middle wired miles.

What’s next? “PacketZoom is continually expanding its product suite to offer developers better visibility, understanding and insight into their mobile app’s performance,” the company told FierceWireless. “The company’s vision is to offer an end-to-end mobile performance and optimization solution for monitoring, controlling and optimizing mobile applications in one lightweight SDK that will empower developers to feel ‘in control’ of their mobile app and enable them to make educated decisions on best practices to optimize their application.”

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