FierceWireless' Fierce 15 2007 winners: Where are they now?

  • Ecrio
  • Gogomo
  • Integrated Mobile
  • Interop Technologies
  • iSkoot
  • JumpTap
  • Metrico Wireless
  • Millennial Media
  • Neonode
  • Obopay
  • Omnilink Systems
  • SNAPin
  • Sonopia
  • TeleNav
  • Tensorcomm

One of the dominant themes from the Fierce 15 winners from 2007 was the rise of mobile services, especially those connected to the Web. The mobile Internet was truly beginning to take off (this was the year that the iPhone was introduced, of course) and many of the companies on the 2007 list were looking at new ways to take advantage of the changing mobile ecosystem.

Some companies, like JumpTap and Millennial Media, took advantage of the growing mobile advertising space, and are still going strong in that area. Others, like iSkoot, have seen their business models evolve alongside the mobile Web.

The other striking theme from 2007 is how many companies went bust--some because they made the wrong bets and others because their business model simply did not translate into long-term growth. Think Neonode. Or Sonopia.

However, most of the picks from 2007 are still going strong, and remain vibrant companies. For example, TeleNav remains a leader in the mobile GPS navigation space, and Metrico Wireless is heavily involved in handset testing.

So jump back to 2007--the year that gave us Spider-Man 3, "Fergalicious," and the Writers Guild of America strike (so nothing really that good)--as we look at the Fierce 15 class of 2007.

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FierceWireless' Fierce 15 2007 winners: Where are they now?