From Verizon to Sprint: Grading the top 8 U.S. wireless carriers in the second quarter of 2015


The following charts the top U.S. wireless carriers in the second quarter of 2015 by subscriber base, according to research firm Strategy Analytics, and includes major metrics--such as churn, ARPU and revenue--of each carrier.

The subscriber figures include both retail and wholesale customers.

In 2013, T-Mobile assumed control of MetroPCS and Sprint assumed control of Clearwire, then in 2014 AT&T closed its acquisition of Leap Wireless. Also, Cincinnati Bell announced its intention to get out of the wireless business, and is no longer on this list. Finally, Shentel has been added to this list as nTelos exits its Eastern markets -- but earlier this month Shentel said it would acquire nTelos for $640 million in a deal expected to close early next year.

Strategy Analytics doesn't count Sprint's affiliate carriers like Shentel in Sprint's total.

As the second-quarter reporting season comes to a close, it's time to start parsing the information to see which carriers slipped and which managed to get ahead.

Top US Wireless Carrier Metrics Q2 2015 (ranking by subscribers, retail + wholesale)sdf
  Carrier Subscribers (millions) Net Adds (millions) Churn
Data % of Service Revenue ARPU
1 Verizon Wireless* 135.441 2.008 1.19% 53.8% $51.55
2 AT&T 123.902 2.094 1.31% 53.4% $41.07
3 T-Mobile 58.908 2.072 2.63% 56.0% $43.69
4 Sprint** 57.226 0.524 2.80% n/a $45.94
5 US Cellular 4.779 0.004 1.82% n/a $57.55
6 C Spire*** n/a        
7 Shentel 0.442 0.003 2.62% n/a $49.12
8 Ntelos 0.379 -0.036 5.18% 50.5% $48.91
Subscribers include retail and wholesale connections of both traditional and new connected device categories (e.g. M2M)
*Verizon Wireless subscribers include Strategy Analtyics' estimates for wholesale and connected device volumes
**Sprint subscribers and net adds excluding affiliate subscribers, but including wholesale; service revenues excluding wholesale and affiliate
***C-Spire is a private company and does not reveal its metrics, estimated to have c. 1.0 million subscribers
Source: Strategy Analytics, based on carrier reports


From Verizon to Sprint: Grading the top 8 U.S. wireless carriers in the second quarter of 2015

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