Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (Samsung)
Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Who could forget the first time they heard a flight attendant say the Samsung Galaxy 7 was not welcome on the plane?

The Department of Transportation’s ban on the ill-fated device came in October 2016, just days after Samsung made the decision to cease production of the device. The drastic action came after a recall by Samsung failed to solve the problem with the Galaxy Note 7, which had a tendency to explode and catch fire due to faulty batteries.

All the major U.S. carriers dropped the device from stores and Samsung’s stock understandably nosedived. It looked like Apple would soon be dancing on Samsung’s grave.

But Samsung bounced back in 2017 with a record first quarter for operating profits, even though its mobile device revenue fell. Now Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 8—with a smaller and safer battery—is here and garnering decent reviews. Still, there have to be even a few diehard Samsung fans who are thinking twice about putting that thing up against their heads.

Galaxy Note 7

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