Gogomo - Top Wireless Company 2007: FierceWireless, Fierce 15

Fierce 15 Winner

Based: Seattle, WA
Founded: 2005
Website: www.gogomo.com

Why it's Fierce: According to the Mobile Entertainment Forum, wireless operators are missing $1 billion a year due to lack of widespread interoperability of content across carriers and devices. Content interoperability is not available today because there is no way to map and track transactions across content retailers and carrier networks. That's the problem Gogomo is working to solve. Gogomo enables content interoperability giving wireless carriers, content owners and consumer brands the flexibility, control and portability of content they desire while protecting and managing digital rights to ensure revenue recognition across networks, devices and users. Powered by Gogomo's patent-pending platform, Gogomo leverages a mobile content registry system that enables digital transactions and commerce services to be tracked in real time. The solution can provide even more monetization opportunities for mobile operators and content players, such as advertising and transaction data mining and building mobile communities. Operators want to capitalize on this trend toward viral marketing—peer-to-peer sharing, social networking and user-generated content—but how do they monetize it? The ability to forward subscription content between users is a powerful peer-to-peer marketing tool.

What to look for: Expect Gogomo to gain a higher profile as operators make a heavier push into the viral marketing space. SMS interoperability exploded the growth of SMS so will content interoperability.

Gogomo - Top Wireless Company 2007: FierceWireless, Fierce 15