HipSwap - 2012 Rising Stars of Mobile Development

hipswapName: HipSwap
Website: www.hipswap.com
Founded: 2012
Platform(s): iOS, Android
Noted for: HipSwap

With m-commerce initiatives gaining in popularity, it takes a lot to stand out among the sea of other mobile shopping apps. HipSwap does that. The startup pairs local buyers and sellers, with options listed by city. Users can securely browse for items or upload mobile photos of items they'd like to sell directly to the app or on the Web. Then, when someone makes a purchase, the item can be delivered through a meetup, delivered to the buyer's home (in select cities) or shipped.

HipSwap pairs the popularity of photo-sharing websites like Pinterest and Tumblr with the e-commerce services of Craigslist or Etsy. The result is an easy way for users to sell items, and a portion of the proceeds go to charity. In the company's first three months operating alone, HipSwap featured over $21 million in goods.

eBay has made a killing with its series of mobile apps and touts eight different apps for the iPhone alone. If HipSwap can maintain its momentum, it could similarly branch out with a series of apps for different types of goods for sale.

What's next: CEO Rob Kramer told Social Tech that the company is working on creating a more customizable and curated experience. "Over time, we are going to start customizing the marketplace for you. That's something that has never been done with a peer-to-peer marketplace," he said.

HipSwap - 2012 Rising Stars of Mobile Development